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Wear face mask for long time during Epidemic.
How to make children learn to “look at people’s eyebrows and eyes”?

Parenting Tips Written by: Hong Kong Speech and Swallowing Therapy CentreSenior Speech Therapist Eunice Siu   In our daily interactions with others, we not only observe others’ behaviors, but also “explain” and “predict” others’ behaviors. Theory of mind is the ability to infer or substitute other people’s mental states, such as their thoughts, beliefs, desires, and intentions, etc., and to use this ability to explain other people’s thoughts, perceptions, and predict their behaviors. Theory of mind can be subdivided into “emotion recognition”, “beliefs” and “pretend play”.   The developmental period for children’s theory of mind is from approximately 3 to 7 years of age. However, before the age of 3, children need to master the following

To love children, first to love themselves,
3 moves to teach you to maintain the best mental state

Parenting Tips Written by :Family Dynamics Child Play Therapist                   Marriage and Family Therapist, Ms. Lee Wai Zi   In today’s society, it is indeed not easy for parents to maintain a good state of mind and body. I have met with many parents and found that the difficulty most parents face is not that they do not understand their children’s feelings and needs, or that they do not know how their behavior affects their children, but that it is difficult to maintain a trusting and optimistic attitude towards their children when they are in a situation. Often, parents become increasingly anxious as they worry that their child’s problems

Drawings peek into the inner world of children

Parenting Tips Written by: Unleashing Mind Professional Counselling AcademyPsychotherapist Lee Wai-Tong   Painting can give us room to express our feelings. I use a brush to create a dialogue with myself in another language, soothing my emotions or gaining insight and unlocking my heart.   Crying over trivial stuff   In my past child counseling sessions, some parents came to me for help. They did not understand why their son, Ming, often cried over trivial things, such as being late for TV, late for dinner, or when his father came home late, etc. They mentioned the situation to Ming, but they did not understand why, which caused them trouble. Therefore, I suggested conducting a drawing assessment

《灼見名家》教育系列短片分享 ── 東華三院專訪

為加強大眾對東華三院屬校的認識,教育科及企業傳訊科與媒體 《灼見名家》合作,拍攝了一連五集有關東華三院教育的短片。每集短片邀請到本院不同的持份者從多角度探索本院的教育理念、「全人發展」的方針、實踐及成效。 第一集︰東華三院全方位支援學校 助師生加強認識國情 東華三院譚鎮國主席及蘇祐安行政總監 第二集︰東華三院教育科支援學校發展 推動全人教育 拓闊學習機遇 品學兼重培育優才東華三院教育科主管吳奇壎先生 第三集︰東華學校重視品格陶融 提供多元體驗 適性揚才 東華三院黃笏南中學李靖邦校長 東華三院王余家潔紀念小學劉秀萍校長 第四集︰東華學校課程發展與時俱進 凝聚共力 家校協作 培育英才 東華三院馮黃鳳亭中學譚耀華校長 東華三院馬陳景霞幼稚園黃倩雲校長 第五集︰東華校友感念栽培 承傳服務精神 回饋社會 原載於《灼見名家》網站及 YouTube 頻道,本校獲授權轉載。 Back

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